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PERSAFE addresses a growing universal need for both consumers and business customers using smart technologies in your phone to enhance personal safety for yourself and those you care about.

PERSAFE users feel sometimes unsafe or threatened and recognize that they can always suffer an unintentional injury during commute, sport or work activity.

  • 19% population often feel unsafe walking alone 
  • 35% woman often feel unsafe walking alone
  • 10,3% households suffer injury of which 65% happen at home or during leisure activities
  • 1 out of 3 Seniors fall minimum once per year of which 60% are unable to get up by themselves and 15% lie more than 1 hour on the floor
  • 94% Seniors live in their own home of which 32% live alone
  • 15% to 20% of EU Workers are Lone Workers


Employees experience time pressure, long days, overtime, night work and fatigue challenges.

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Older adults have the highest risk of falls and complications from falling.

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In the EU construction is the sector most at risk of accidents. Construction workers are two times more likely to be injured as workers in other occupations.

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82% of workers are lone-workers (very high share compared to other sectors)

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What we can do for you?

Every person needs a fast response in an emergency situation.
We trust that our smartphone can assist us in any given situation. But is this a realistic assumption in case we or those we care about are involved in an emergency situation? Is our smartphone still working? Do we still have our smartphone in reach? Can we still think clearly to provide essential information like exact location and condition to first responders?

Technology for your safety.
PERSAFE competence in permanent safety is build on 50 years experience. We create smart Apps and software solutions utilizing sensors and special emergency buttons in your smartphone. The practical applications of PERSAFE can be directly integrated in your daily life, delivering effective emergency response when and where it matters, preventing emergency situations to escalate in disastrous situations.

Our solutions are build for reliability and easy to use.
Embracing digital technology to deliver easy to use solutions is our credo. We build innovative solutions based on unmet needs of our customers. Our solutions are robust and reliable and have undergo intensive testing before they are released to our customers.



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