PERSAFE App transforms your smartphone into powerful personal emergency alarm.

Utilizing sensors and special functions in your smartphone to detect if you have been fallen down or do not move anymore. If you request assistance from your responders because you feel threatened or suffer health related issue you can use special alarm button.

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The SmartBadge is a new and unique alarm device that is connected to the PERSAFE app via Bluetooth. It can be worn discretely under your clothes or can be used as a ID-Badge.

Badge is equipped with sensors that detect free fall, man-down and no-movement for automatic emergency alarms. User can also generate an alarm by simply double tapping on the badge (also works when the Badge is worn under your clothes or winterjacket) in case assistance is requested.

Badge has display for messaging and incoming calls and RFID chip for access control.

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DATIKIT is plug and play solution for indoor lone worker protection.

DATIKIT consists of a Central Unit and maximum 4 alarm mobiles using ISM radio frequency (create local 868 GHz private network). Alarms can be transmitted to alarm receiving center or smartphone.

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DATILink is our application platform provided by our partner ESI, European leader for security solutions.

DATILink is also our Alarm Receiving & Managing Centre providing state of the art coordination during emergency situations.

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