Every person needs a fast response in an emergency situation!

PERSAFE transforms your smartphone in a powerful personal emergency alarm to deliver fast response, preventing emergency situations to escalate in disastrous situations.



We trust we can still use our smartphone in emergency situations, but is our phone within reach, is it working and can we still operate it?

75% of people are unable to think clearly (mentally paralysed) in life-threatening situations to provide essential information to emergency responders.


PERSAFE is always active in the background, detects via sensors if you have fallen or do not move anymore and guarantees that responders are informed immediately so they can provide effective help, even if your phone is broken during fall.

We stay in control until situation is solved and escalate if required.

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PERSAFE is an international company specialized in Personal Emergency Response and Lone Worker Protection (LWP) solutions.

We develop unique smart solutions based on more than 50 years experience.

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How can smart technology enhance your personal safety, when and where it matters? We offer solutions for a variety of different sectors.