Your life line.

PERSAFE transforms your smartphone in a
powerful personal emergency alarm.


Your life line.

PERSAFE transforms your smartphone in a
powerful personal emergency alarm.

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Every person needs a fast response in an emergency situation.
We trust that our smartphone can assist us in any given situation. But is this a realistic assumption in case we or those we care about are involved in an emergency situation? Is our smartphone still working? Do we still have our smartphone in reach? Can we still think clearly to provide essential information like exact location and condition to first responders?

Technology for your safety.
PERSAFE competence in permanent safety is build on 50 years experience. We create smart Apps and software solutions utilizing sensors and special emergency buttons in your smartphone. The practical applications of PERSAFE can be directly integrated in your daily life, delivering effective emergency response when and where it matters, preventing emergency situations to escalate in disastrous situations.

Our solutions are build for reliability and easy to use.
Embracing digital technology to deliver easy to use solutions is our credo. We build innovative solutions based on unmet needs of our customers. Our solutions are robust and reliable and have undergo intensive testing before they are released to our customers.

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PERSAFE SmartBadge

SmartBadge is an innovative personal alarm solution for lone workers and family members who desire an alarm device worn on your chest. The Badge has build in sensors to detect free fall, can be used to create an assistance request by simply double tapping and has a screen for text message and incoming calls. The SmartBadge can be used in indoor and outdoor locations.

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