Permanent Safety

PerSafe, smart security


Lone worker protection

PerSafe renews personal security and lone worker protection solutions. Combining the most advanced technologies and more than 60 years of experience in personal security solutions, led to the creation of the most innovative and safe solution for mobile alarm messaging. No more dedicated phone, no modified smartphone but a connected object featuring all security functions.


SmartBadge connection

When necessary, you take your SmartBadge out of the wireless charger and a Bluetooth connection is initiated automatically, as simple as connecting a Bluetooth headset. Using the built-in clip, the lanyard or the badge-clip, you can safely wear the SmartBadge.  And here it is: you are equipped with a security system with sensors, that will be able to send a manual or an automatic alarm to a pre-programmed destination. Any alarm can be managed either locally or by an alarm receiving centre. It can also be transferred to multiple smartphone users for field action. You will not be alone any more.

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